hidden countertop supports

Countertop supports demystified

Countertop Support selection can be a real challenge

for home owners and installer when dealing with modern designs. Working with applications that call for floating large granite, marble and quartz countertop tops can challenge the best in the business. To safely support heavy overhangs thought must be put into the type of countertop support, the material they are made from and the weight of the top they are attempting to float. Homeowners are often told at the last moment they needed supports for their new countertop and make a rush decision. Purchasing bulky corbels without giving proper consideration to the amount of space they take up. Or the opposite happens. The application calls for floating large overhangs. The home owner is told by the installer that 1/4 inch steel hidden countertop supports will work great. After a few months (or hours) they find that the 1/4 inch supports deflect (flex) with little load and have to add additional supports.

To avoid the potentially dangerous situation of having a 500 pound slab of granite come crashing down lets explore the different support options available.

Countertop supports can be grouped into four distinctive categories.


Countertop supports and brackets for granite